Natural Parenting Opposition

by Rachel on November 14, 2011

For me, parenting is all about what comes most naturally to me and what feels right.  Sometimes my choices in parenting cause opposition from my family or friends and I am forced to reason with them about my decisions.

When I became pregnant with my first baby I began to search for information on natural childbirth.  For some reason I knew that I didn’t want to give birth while medicated, but that was about all I knew and was sure of!

I came across a local “Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth” class and thought that it fit what I was looking for in terms of preparation.  The class turned out to be amazing and really to change my perspective on the culture of labor and birth in the United States.  I began to realize, while seeing an OB at the time, that I was not going to find the support I wanted in a hospital setting.

I made the decision to give birth in a local birthing center with a group of midwives.  These midwives were well trained, very supportive, and very knowledgable.  I knew that I made the right decision for myself as to where I wanted to give birth and I was very secure in that decision.

Friends and family however, were not.  I began telling people about where I was going to give birth and some of the reactions I received were not welcome.  Some family/friends begged me to reconsider and to think about the safety of myself and the baby.  They were sure that I was making a mistake.  Some felt more strongly than others and were very blunt about their feelings.

While I appreciated some of their initial concerns.  I reassured them that this was the safest way to give birth, and was most natural for myself and my baby.   Some were okay with my answers, but others still felt that I must be making a terrible decision.  At times I even began to question my own sanity.  It was not fun!

Luckily I had the support of a doula, my midwives, and a loving husband to reassure me that I was making the right decision.  I followed through with my plans and had two wonderful births just the way I had planned.

I find similar opposition on the topic of food!  I choose to feed my children natural, local and organic foods.  I am often surprised that others do not have more questions for me about how I cook them food, or where I get it from, instead I get flack for not giving them candy, sweets, and junk food.

I’m often told that I will cave and bring them to McDonalds or that I won’t care as much about what subsequent children eat.  In such cases I do my best to try to educate people about the foods that we do eat and help them to understand that I am giving them the gift of healthy, home cooked food that will resonate with them for a lifetime.

Many other natural parenting topics cause opposition in my life, but heck, that it why I started this blog!  Those who are confused or don’t understand the way that I raise my children can really find out all they need to know from reading the various topics that I write about.

What types of opposition do you get from your family/friends?

This post is part of “Green Mom’s Weekly” and this week’s question is:  What type of topics in natural parenting cause opposition among family and friends and how do you handle it?

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  • carrielee

    LOL! I totally forgot about cloth diapering. When my sister (who had 4 kids by the time I had my first) found out that I was going to cloth diaper my son (I was pregnant at the time), she laughed and said, “Oh you’ll quickly change your mind and switch to disposables”. Apparently she had started off with cloth but didn’t like dunking and pinning and such, and didn’t know there was an alternative. I was ever more determined inside to make it work, of course! :) And now I have my 5th cloth diapered baby!

    Sometimes naysayers spur us on and make us more determined to meet our goals. ;)

    • Anonymous

      Sure, I got that a lot about cloth diapering! I have always been proud to say that I have never used disposables tho….oh and tell people I’ve saved so much money.

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