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by Rachel on May 7, 2012

best fabric for cloth diapers

Comparison of cloth diapers

When my friends ask me which cloth diapers I recommend and why, it really comes down to what is the best fabric for cloth diapers.

There are some adorable new diapers available today with any print on them that you can imagine.  And, while you can’t help but want to find the cutest, most adorable option, it is much more important to think of quality.

Comparison of Fabric for Cloth Diapers

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I am an avid cloth diaperer and I pride myself on never purchasing a disposable diaper for my babies.    My youngest is 14 months and I was lucky enough that his older brother was potty-trained just in time for me to pass down the diapers I used for him for 2 years.

This is awesome because as we all know, one of the biggest money-saving reasons to cloth diaper is that we can purchase them once and then we are free to use them over and over and over again, right?  Well, kinda right.

I’m here to tell you which diapers I have found to be the most durable and long-lasting so that you can pay only a little out of pocket for baby #1 and you will be happily reusing the diapers over and over again for baby after baby!

I am always recommending Bum Genius Diapers and I have written many previous posts on comparisons of cloth diaper brands.  The yellow diaper pictured above was an original, from December 2008, when my first son was born.  I have re-sewn the elastic and replaced the tabs, but otherwise the fabric is awesome and it has held up so well for the past 3 years of constant use.

best cloth diaper fabric

Gro Baby Close-up

The second diaper pictured is a Gro baby, now called Gro Via.  It is an all-in-two diaper with and organic cotton insert.  Now, while I love the idea of the organic cotton insert, it just doesn’t withstand the test of time.

As you can see in the close-up image, the cotton is totally destroyed.  It seems to happen along the edges where the cotton is sewn together.  This doesn’t happen to the Bum Genius one-size diapers.

Best Quality Cloth Diaper Fabric

So, my suggestion for the best fabric for cloth diapers comes down to what will last the longest.  From a no hassle standpoint, the synthetic fabric’s used in bum genius diapers are going to last a longtime.

You will have to replace velcro and elastic if you want to use on more than one child.  These things will ware out for sure!  Now, I know it may seem a bit scary, but the option that it totally the best is pictured third above, and that is a prefold diaper or even one step better could be a flat diaper.

The prefold is low cost, very absorbant, will have no leaks and needs no elastic or velcro repair.  Of course, you need a cover–so you could use a wool cover which is the number one option or an Econobum diaper cover made by the makes of Bum Genius.

My recommendation is do your research, find out if cloth diapering is going to be something you do every day or only once and a while.  I need very durable diapers because, like I said I use them around the clock.

Have you found a more durable diaper? What is your recommendation?

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