Organic Cloth Diapers Review

by Rachel on September 1, 2011

I have been using BumGenius diapers since 2009 and I am a big fan.  I have tons of experience and have really been able to give my diapers the time tested proof to see what diapers are worth spending your money on and which diapers are better for the occasional cloth diaperer.

That being said, I use my cloth diapers exclusively.  I don’t use disposable diapers.  My diapers have been used to diaper my now two and a half year old and have been passed on to my now 6 month old boy.  When I began searching to buy cloth diapers I wanted an organic cotton option.  I found the All-in-one Organic BumGenius and I was so excited to find an Organic All-in-One Diaper.  At $24.95/diaper I, it was more than I wanted to spend, but I went for it.  I bought 9 of these diapers, so they make up a pretty large chunk of my stash.  This diaper was great for the first 2 years of its life, but since then it has gone down hill.

The problem with this diaper is that there is so much stitching, which leaves many more points where the diaper can unravel.  Also, there is no pocket in this diaper and the diaper cannot be easliy repaired.  For example, two of my BumGenius Organic Diapers, now called the BumGenius Elemental are leaking through the waterproof cover.  Now BumGenius sells a re-waterproofing spray, but these diapers cannot be easily opened up to reseal the cover.

organic diaper

So, what do I recommend?  If you want an organic diaper that is as close to an all-in-one diaper as you can get.  I’d go with the snap version of the GroVia Diaper.  I have had wonderful luck with he quality of this diaper and I love the inserts.  They are super absorbant and tight-fitting around the legs, so as not to leak.

organic diaper

Also, I want you to know that I do still love my BumGenius Pocket Diapers and definitely recommend them!


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    Hi we love Bum Genius, but thanks for the review on GroVia, we will give it a try! cloth diapers

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