Breast Feeding to Solid Food

by Rachel on June 25, 2009

Breast feeding, by far, is the most eco-friendly way to feed your baby.  Not only is it good for our earth it is most healthy for baby and mom too.  Many of the products on the market can make breast feeding more wasteful than it should be.  For instance, Medela sells disposable nursing bra pads and disposable pump and save bags.  Now, I’d imagine if you are nursing your baby for at least the first year of life you would go through numerous boxes of disposable nursing bra pads.  Not only is using these pads bad for the environment, but it is also bad for your wallet.

My solution to using disposable pads was found at Cotton Babies.  The pads are called  Milk Weeds Hemp Nursing Pads, shown here:These pads will show under clothing with a thin cotton bra.  My solution, has been to wear a bra that has some padding to it, when you put this under that bra, you won’t see any lines!!

Now, when a mom goes back to work, she will need to work on building up a supply of milk for that first day back and any other (just-in case milk!) occasions.  The Medela pump and save bags are another wasteful breast feeding item.  What I used instead was breast milk freezer trays.  I found some BPA-free trays at trays can be filled up and are exactly one-ounce sticks, which provides for easy measuring to feed baby.  When the trays are full and frozen, you can store the sticks in a large tupperware or glass container and keep in the freezer in order to reuse the trays for more milk.  Now, I jumped the gun and bought 3 trays, not realizing that I would just empty one and re-fill it.  I would recommend only buying 1 tray to start.

My baby is 6.5 months now and is on to solid foods.  I’ve been making the foods myself and needed a method to store the food I make.  I saw all of these ice cube trays available for food, with lids and I did not want to spend the money on them.  All of the sudden it clicked, I have these breast milk trays that would be perfect to freeze and store food!!  The trays are perfect because they come with a lid, just like the advertised food storage trays.

Sensible Lines Tray Filled with Apple Oatmeal

Sensible Lines Tray Filled with Apple Oatmeal

Last night I made my baby organic peach oatmeal (Steamed peaches on stove top in 1-inch of water and added to cooked oatmeal, also made on stove-top).  It is ridiculous to make only one serving size, so I filled up the remaining oatmeal in the trays.  Now, when I want to feed him, I just pop out 1 or 2 sticks and put them in the microwave on defrost for an instant meal!!!

So far I have stored carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, rice, and oatmeal in the trays.  I use defrost in the microwave rather than high, so i don’t risk having hot food that will burn my baby’s mouth.

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  • Proud and Endowed

    Green Mama,
    I just love your blog but I had a question. I had a breast augmentation about 3 years ago so I can’t breast feed. What is the next greenest thing I can do to feed my baby after he is born. I have a neighbor who is due around the same time as me. Can I just ask her to pump extra breast milk for me? Or is that rude?

    Proud and Endowed

    • Rachel McFadden

      Are you sure that breast feeding is not an option? Have you checked out and These websites are dedicated to helping mothers who have had breast surgery? Also, if you contact your local La Leche League ( they can give you some support. You’re idea of getting milk from your neighbor is called having a wet nurse. If your neighbor is not willing to do this (being that it is a huge commitment), you can also ask your local La Leche League Rep to find a wet nurse in your area ( The next best option is to find organic formula to feed your baby.

      Thanks for Reading!

  • Matriarch of Milk

    Green Mama – I’m a big fan of your site and a real Cotton Baby Believer. My favorite is the cotton diapering advice – it’s made me a dirty dollar while decreasing our carbon footprint.

    P&E – I too had breast augmentation a couple of years ago and recently had a baby girl. Not only was she a little vacuum, but I actually think I had more sensation following the surgery than when I had my son 4 years ago. Research shows nobody knows if you’ll be ok to feed until you actually try to nurse. So tell your wet nurse to stay dry while mama fires up the milk cannons!

    Keep the green baby advice coming!
    Matriarch of Milk

  • Proud and Endowed

    Green Mama and Matriarch of Milk,
    Thanks for both of your responses. They been so helpful! Keep up the good work! Just to give you both an update. I talked to my neighbor and she fully supports giving me any additional milk that her breasts produce. However, if that isn’t enough. Should I just supplement with formula?
    God Bless,
    Proud and Endowed

  • Rachel McFadden

    By all means, you will have to supplement with formula, if she cannot support two babies. It would require her to feed her baby and pump all day every day to be able to supply you with enough milk and keep her milk supply up for her own baby. I’d recommend researching some of the organic formula options they have at whole foods or your local organic grocer. Were you able to find a La Leche League in your area? Also, did you talk with your doctor about breast feeding?
    Best of luck!

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