Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper For Baby Shower Invites

by Rachel on April 27, 2012

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Making your baby shower green is one of the easiest ways to enjoy an adorable yet eco-friendly gathering for friends and family.

While expectant parents could forgo mailing invitations in lieu of email, guests may be more likely to respond to a personalized invitation.  Baby showers are generally wasteful, especially considering the paper and plastic used to create invites and party supplies.

However, you can reduce your carbon footprint by using recycled baby shower invitations.

Use Non-Paper Invitations

One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the creation of non-paper products, particularly bags and invitations. Rather than use tree pulp, these items are made out of fibers. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, they can also be more creative than their less sustainable counterparts.

Hemp fibers are another option. It often produces a vintage and sturdy invite. Hemp grows quickly, so it is a fast renewing resource. Hemp plants also put nutrients back into the Earth, helping to reduce the number of fertilizer applications.

Make Your Own Invitations

Making your own invitations is a perfect way to customize them to match the personalities of your family and friends. In addition to treasuring your handmade invite, guests are more likely to hold on to something unique rather than tossing it.

Using scrap or purchasing recycled paper sheets is a great place to start. Cutting machines and tools are available to make cutting out shapes easier and more precise. Hemp ribbons or other eco-friendly accessories can also be easily attached to the invitations.

Use Plantable Invitations

Plantable paper goods are an exciting way to get guests involved in eco-friendly practices. There are plenty of companies that offer these premade, but you can also buy sheets of this paper and make your own.

While other paper just gets tossed in the trash, these papers can be planted and sprout beautiful wildflowers. Encourage your guests to plant them so they can have a special reminder of your baby. These invitations make a great party favor and invite all in one.

Why Choose Recycled?

Paper waste is a problem, and trees are regularly destroyed to produce invitations, cards, and other paper goods. Paper making also uses water and harsh chemicals. Unlike regular paper, recycled paper products can be made from post-consumer waste or non-tree fibers. They use minimal chemicals and less water.

When sending out your recycled invites, suggest guests to bring recycled cards instead of paper ones. Hopefully, this will inspire them to use similar eco-friendly materials for their baby showers and other special occasions.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post from:
Mehndi Rao who is currently putting together her wedding. Although she is not In the process of creating her own custom baby shower invitations, she is neck deep in making handmade invitations for her upcoming wedding!

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