Greener Birthday Parties For Your Kids

by Guest on February 3, 2012

So for the first couple of years green birthday parties are pretty easy to pull off. They’re pretty much like any other gathering you would have only with a designated birthday dessert, which you can easily make as natural as you like. Once kiddos get into the ‘themed’ party age bracket where you’re inviting classmates and getting requests for Super Mario party supplies, things can get a little more complicated. How do you throw a great birthday party that’s all natural and low waste? Here are a few ideas for green birthday parties for kids.

1. Invitations
In these digital times everyone has email. There’s no need to waste paper or gas going to buy invitations when you can send out a fabulous e-vite for the party. Get creative with the graphics and specific with the details. This also lets the other parents easily respond to you with any dietary restrictions or other need-to-know issues with their kids.

2. Plates and Cups
Just like with other gatherings at you home, using your plates, utensils and glasses is far better than buying disposable ones. There are biodegradable options for cutlery and plates and cups too if you really can’t risk the breaking of your everyday kitchen set. You can even buy a back-up set of dishes and glasses from the thrift store to have for these kinds of occasions, so it doesn’t matter if they get broken and you can reuse them for parties for years or until they find their inevitable demise.

3. Decorations
If you do decide to get a few decorations, get the kinds that can be used again like a generic birthday banner and a festive tablecloth. There’s no need to buy a bunch of balloons and streamers that are just going to end up in the trash a day later. Natural flowers and bowls of fruit and other snacks are festive too if you put a little organization to it with risers and trays.

4. Food and Drinks
Try to get snacks that don’t have individual wrapping and drinks that are not in single serve containers. Pitchers, thermoses or water coolers can be filled and different colored rubber bands can be placed around each person’s glass to help people remember which one is theirs. Bite-sized fruit and nuts, carrots and celery and cheese and crackers are great to have out in place of chips and candy. Pick a main dish that is easy to prepare in bulk that meets dietary restrictions. Personal sized pizzas that the kids can top themselves is always a crowd pleaser and allows you to choose the nutrition level of all of the ingredients and select gluten free crusts and have cheese-less options as well.

These ideas should help you get started. What you want to do about wrapping paper and gift packaging is up to you. If you’re really against it, stipulate that in the e-vite. Don’t forget to take lots of picture and have a ton of fun!

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