Homemade Baby Yogurt

by Rachel on November 21, 2009

A while ago I bought a yogurt maker.  This is a nifty little machine that I can make 7 individualIMG_0544 sized yogurts for myself, but it is also great for babies/kids.  I always have a small guilty feeling each time I buy yogurt from the store, not only because of the waste of the container, but because it is so easy to make it at home.

Today, I decided that I would break it out and make some yogurt.  Previously I made flavored yogurt with fruits and sugar, but I have found it is much easier to add flavor to plain yogurt.  Plain yogurt is so simple to make.  IMG_0545The only ingredients needed are milk and either a yogurt starter or plain yogurt.   (The purpose of the yogurt starter is to add the necessary cultures to create the yogurt, but it can easily be done by mixing some plain yogurt that you already have into your milk. )

The directions are as follows:

  • Bring milk to a boil (any amount of milk, it depend on how much yogurt you want to make, in my case I made 42 oz.)
  • Once milk boils, remove from heat.
  • When milk is luke warm, strain milk through a wire strainer.
  • In a small container mix plain yogurt with a small amount of milk until it is in a liquid form.
  • Pour the mixture into the strained milk.
  • Pour all of the liquid into individual containers.
  • Place uncovered in yogurt maker.
  • Turn on yogurt maker.
  • Wait 7 hours.
  • Remove yogurt, cover with lid, place in refrigerator.
  • Enjoy!

If you don’t have a yogurt maker, you can easily make yogurt by placing your pot of strained milk on a heating pad for seven hours, or in an oven with a pilot light.

The yogurt maker is handy since I now have individual sized yogurts ready to eat.


Making yogurt is a wonderful way to know what your baby is eating.  Having fresh homemade yogurt allows  you to have control of what goes into it.  It won’t have any preservatives, sugar or artificial flavorings.

I love to add a banana to yogurt for my son.  When I don’t have fresh fruit on hand I grab a bag of frozen strawberries, blueberries or peaches to add.  The fruit alone sweetens the yogurt and there is no need for the addition of sugar.

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  • http://ethanlukas.blogspot.com/ Melissa

    I make my yogart in my slow cooker! It’s so easy and my husband and son love it.
    Here’s the link:

    • http://www.greenbabiesblog.org Rachel McFadden

      I read that you could make it in a crock pot too!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • http://blog.franklingoose.com sheri

    This sounds so good! Do you know how to get or make a yogurt starter? Also, at a lot of whole foods now they have #5 recycling bins that go to Preserve to be recycled into kitchen ware etc. No more guilt! yay!

  • http://www.greenbabiesblog.org Rachel McFadden

    You can find a yogurt starter at whole foods, look for the yogourmet brand!

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